heavy duty towing houston, tx
heavy duty towing houston, tx
Tex-Mar Towing & Recovery Inc. Dispatch 281.864.9262
Tex-Mar Towing & Recovery Inc.     Dispatch 281.864.9262

         Heavy Duty Towing, Tex-Mar also specializes in Recovery


                    Tex-Mar Towing & Recovery Inc.  ~ Tex-Mar specializes in Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery


We stand for competence and commitment. When your heavy-duty vehicle or trailer is in distress, you can place your confidence in calling us. We have state-of-the-art 25 ton, 35 ton and 50 ton, conventional heavy duty wreckers for recovery.  Our wreckers are equipped with under-reach & wheel lift capabilities. Our expert team of skilled drivers can handle anything including roll-overs.


Texmar Towing & Recovery also offers light & medium duty truck towing. All drivers are skilled and qualified to handle your precious possessions.  Let us help you get back on the road.



                               Tex-Mar Big Rig Towing & Recovery in Houston, Texas Dispatch 281.864.9262



Light, Medium and Heavy duty towing | Vehicle Extractions | Winch-Outs | Tractor Trailer Rollovers | Load Shifts | Spill Cleanup | Tanker  | Mixer | Container | Forklift | Crane | RV  | Bus



Our trucks are designed to tow...


       •  Bobtail                           •  Bus                                 •  Tanker                   •  Dump Truck             

       •  Crane                             •  Garbage truck                  •  Semi truck             •  5th wheel trailer

       •  Cement truck                  •  Bucket Truck                    •  Vacuum Tanks        •  Winch outs / Pull Starts 



                                        Truck Decking  / Truck Undecking  ~  Step Deck Loading / Step Deck Unloading 



                                                             •  Heavy Haul & Equipment transport
                                                               •  Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing 


Our wrecker service are dedicated to fulfilling all your hauling needs regardless of number and the weight of the things that you need transported. We have trailers that are specially equipped to handle all kinds of loads.  Accidents can leave quite a big mess on the roadside whenever they occur.  What's worse is that these accidents also place people and property at risk if left unattended.  This reason is why recovering and vehicles involved in the accident takes top priority over everything else.


For overturned vehicles can weight several tons, it's best to leave it to the professionals Texmar Towing Service has got your back when it comes to getting your vehicle upright and returning it to you once the job is done. Tex-Mar provides 24-hour heavy duty towing  and recovery and big truck wrecker services. We have complete accident, wrecker and off-road winching, up writing and towing of heavy duty vehicles and ensure the safety and security of your big truck, trailer and cargo.


We provide a variety of services; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
including light, medium & heavy duty towing, road service & emergency recovery.



24 Hours Live Dispatch ~ 281.864.9262



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MC 893139


US DOT 2560129




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